Adult Beginners Ballet

18+ Years Old

About the Program

Taking up ballet training in adulthood is a difficult endeavor because the body is much less malleable than in childhood, however with our professional instructors, our robust program, and the dedication of our clients, it becomes possible to achieve the childhood dream of becoming a ballerina. This is because our program was specifically designed for non-professional to achieve results in a fairly short span of time with the Agrippina Vaganova method.

With this unique methodology, we are able to maximize the potential of our clients, increase creativity and reveal hidden individual talents. By engaging every muscle group in the body, classes in this program aim to develop muscle tone, flexibility, physical endurance, coordination, and posture. Our instructors are trained to give each client the personal attention that they require in order to achieve a deep understanding of the material provided, while taking into account all the individual goals that clients have with regards to improving their overall physical condition and appearance. After only a few sessions, our clients begin to experience a positive change towards gaining self-confidence, gracefulness, and athletic ability.

Group Classes

We offer a monthly subscription to beginners groups classes all year round. The subscription can be paused (for 1 or more months) or cancelled at any time. There is no adjustments for absences.

No previous experience is required for this class.

Private Training

Students who wish to personalize their training curriculum to achieve specific goals, such as preparation for pointe or performing in our annual showcase, are invited to attend private or semi-private lessons.

Training is booked on a monthly basis in order to guarantee your time slot.

Please contact us at to discuss booking.


We partner with Danceshoppe Ltd. to provide our dancers with our uniform. A customer sales associate will match you with the appropriate school uniform for your program.

Danceshoppe Ltd.

200-50 Sheppard Av. W
Mon – Sat 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
+1 (416) 225-6862


Black leotard, white tights, canvas ballet shoes


White t-shirt, grey leggings, white socks, black leather or canvas ballet shoes

Uniform may be purchased at any dancewear store, however we recommend our partner store.