Level 1

10 – 11 Years Old

About the Program

The main objective of the first year is introducing the primary exercises for mastering the proper positioning of the legs, body, head, and hands at the barre and center, and developing elementary skills in the coordination of steps. Students learn the French vocabulary of these exercises and their associated meanings. Equally as important, the class focuses on artistic development, specifically emotional expression, musical rhythmic coordination, and imaginative thinking associated with improvisation necessary to evoke a powerful response through dance. This program aims to find and reveal students’ creative potential.

As a warmup, students practice a set of exercises on the floor aimed at developing body flexibility, elasticity of the ligaments of the instep and foot, turnout, and strength of the muscles.

At the beginning of the year, students learn exercises while facing and holding the barre with both hands. Later in the year, students transition to holding the barre with one hand while performing exercises with one leg in opposite directions.

Center practice involves the repetition of barre exercises in order to develop balance and polishing poses. Similarly, jumps are learned facing the barre and then carried over to the center later in the year.

Halfway through the year, some students are chosen to begin learning basic exercises on pointe while facing the barre. After they have gained balance and proper execution, these exercises are carried over to the center.

Students enrolled in the first level begin performing in corps de ballet and coryphées during the annual performance.


Annual programs run from September to June 25th.

Summer programs run from July to August (inclusive).

If your child starts in November or later, they will not be in the annual showcase.

Please read our school policies before purchasing.


We partner with Danceshoppe Ltd. to provide our dancers with our uniform. A customer sales associate will match you with the appropriate school uniform for your program.

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French blue leotard with skirt, white tights, canvas ballet shoes


White t-shirt, grey leggings, white socks, black leather or canvas ballet shoes