5 – 6 Years Old

About the Program

The main objective of the pre-ballet program is to develop students' ability to withstand the physical and mental course load of the lesson, that is, the discipline and attention required for future training.

The beginning of the class focuses on floor exercises geared towards developing different parts of the body. First, the sculpting of the muscles and developing strength in the legs, feet, toes, arch, and turnout. Second, the development of flexibility and muscle strength in the back. Third, the development of strong muscles in the abdomen. Fourth, combining the movements of the arms through the positions in coordination with the legs, and turning of the head. As well, training musicality and a sense of rhythm by learning how to count and time movements to the music in order to develop synchronicity.

At this stage, students use the barre to begin performing the simplest poses and movements, such as demi plie in first and second position, battement tendu in first position to the front and side, sur le cou-de-pied front and back, relevé in first, second and third position.

At the center, students learn feet positions (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) in semi-turnout, proper posture while standing in positions, hand positions (1st, 2nd, 3rd), port de bras, demi plie (in 1st, 2nd, 3rd), and relevé (in 1st, 2nd). Then, the teacher gives various combinations aimed at training straight legs, knee strength, foot turnout, pointed toes, balance, and harmonizing the movements of the hands, feet and head direction. These are followed by combinations in diagonal formations, after which students perform a series of jumps that are aimed at training the strength and straightness of the legs in the air, pointed toes, jump height, and soft landing.

To conclude the class, students are tasked with creating their own ballet improvisations to small fragments of classical music which allows for creative development, socializing, and working with others while simultaneously creating a playful and fun lesson structure.

At the discretion of the instructor, a limited number of students attending twice a week may be chosen in order to attend rehearsals to learn ensemble pieces for the pre-annual performance divertissement.

At the end of the year, parents are invited to an open class in order to observe the process of education and ask the teacher any questions they may have.notes


School Term
The program term runs from September to June. Late registration is allowed.
This program is a commitment from your start date until June 25th.

Summer Term
This program term runs from July to August. Summer classes and schedule is the same as the school term.

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French blue leotard with skirt, white tights, canvas ballet shoes


White t-shirt, grey leggings, white socks, black leather or canvas ballet shoes