Terms of Service

By purchasing a product, the customer agrees to have their student(s) to attend programs at the Russian Classical Ballet Acad. (hereby referred to as "RCBA").

By purchasing one of our monthly subscriptions, the customer agrees to pay monthly instalments from the start of their program (1) until June (inclusive) OR (2) until August (inclusive). The customer cannot opt-out of payments unless they meet the conditions outlined in our refund policy.

Should a customer's automatic payment fail, for any reason, the customer agrees that they must make their payment within 30 days. If RCBA does not receive payment within 30 days, the customer's bill will be sent to the collections department.

Customers who purchase a private class are committing to their weekly session for the duration of their program from their start date to either (1) June (inclusive) or (2) August (inclusive).

Customers who purchase private classes agree to pay the full cost of their classes regardless of attendance. RCBA will make reasonable efforts to accommodate a makeup private class based on instructor and studio availability. RCBA does not guarantee makeup classes.

If there is a government-mandated shutdown, the customer may choose to continue their program virtually or receive credit for missed activities.

The customer understands that our subscriptions will not be adjusted based on the customer's extracurriculars, vacations, holidays, or absences.

In case of medical impairment resulting in the student(s) non-attendance, the customer agrees to provide written statement from a physician via email to general@balletrus.com to receive store credit (in the event of temporary impairment) OR refund for unused sessions (in the event of permanent impairment only). Payments will be stopped from the date that the customer contacts RCBA and not from the date of impairment.

Customers who have purchased a toddlers subscription have 30 days to decide whether their student(s) will continue with the program. If a customer wishes to stop their subscription after the first 30 days of their enrolment, they must provide written notice to general@balletrus.com.

If RCBA closes its business, all store credit will not be refunded.

Customers with students 16 years old or younger agree to stay at the studio for the duration of that student's activities. By purchasing our products, the customer agrees to be charged $25CAD for every 15 min that staff must work overtime in response to late pick-up or drop-off.

By purchasing our products, the customer agrees that they are unable to stop their program due to instructor preference if it has already started.

RCBA encourages that each customer helps their student(s) eat, drink, use the restroom before the start of the student's activities to minimize interruptions.

The customer agree that they must check-in with the instructor prior to the start of that student's activities. Students 16 and under may not be left unattended on the premises without supervision.

The customer agrees to remain with the student(s) in the even that an instructor is running late.

By purchasing our products, the customer agrees that their student's tardiness and/or non-attendance (especially 2 months before a showcase) will result in the student being pulled from the program or showcase without refund and will be responsible to continue making payments until (1) June (inclusive) OR (2) August (inclusive).

Our instructors reserve the right to remove any student from participating in activities at or associated with RCBA if the student is late; not in uniform; doesn't have their hair in a bun; refuses to respect and abide by the direction of the instructor (permanent or substitute); or is exhibiting rude and/or aggressive behaviour.

Customers are prohibited from entering the classroom during program activities or crowding classroom doors for safety reasons.

Customers are prohibited filming/photographing students or staff during program activities unless given explicit permission to do so by RCBA staff.

Student(s) are encouraged to change into the uniform and prepare hair before arriving to the class.

No food or drinks, other than water (no glass water bottles) are allowed in the studio for safety reasons.

Outdoor footwear must be removed and placed at the entrance of the studio.

RCBA is not responsible for lost items.

By purchasing our products, customers agree to give RCBA the right to use photos and videos of the student(s) taken during activities and/or events with or in affiliation with RCBA for promotional and advertising purposes. Customers will not be compensated for the use of these media materials.

Customers and their students are prohibited from taking photos and/or videos during activities and/or events at or in affiliation with RCBA, which includes any person(s) in or associated with RCBA that is not the customers direct familial relation. Publications of such materials will be punishable with a fine of $600CAD.

The customer agrees that failure to adhere to the above terms will result in their student(s) banned from attending activities at or associated with RCBA and must remit the total outstanding balance of their program within 30 days of incident.

Release of Liability

In consideration of being permitted to participate in our programs, the customer agrees to waive, release and discharge RCBA, its partners, its contributors, facility owners, and their respective directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors, faculty, and volunteers of and from all liability for any claims, suits, demands, actions, damages, losses, judgements, and costs (including legal fees) which the customer has or may have in the future that might arise out of, or relate to my or the student(s) participation in any activities involved in the RCBA, including but not limited to travelling to and/or from the RCBA events, notwithstanding the same may have been contributed to or occasioned by the negligence of the Russian Classical Ballet Acad. or any of the persons or entities listed herein.