Toddlers Ballet

3 – 4 Years Old

About the Program

The toddler’s ballet program is part of our preparatory division that focuses on teaching the basics of classical ballet. Its syllabus caters to students at the earliest stage of life and aims to begin building a foundation of artistic and technical skills in classical ballet. The course is structured so that each student may learn, participate, and engage in training while also having fun.

Classes consist of a compilation of exercises on the floor which aim to prompt the development of flexibility, posture, balance, coordination, proper execution of movement, muscle strength, and how to recognize musical counting. Center combinations allow students to learn arm and leg positions, basic jumps, sense of direction, and how to perform combinations in groups and pairs in different formations (circle, diagonal, and line).

The instructor shows their own short improvisation to classical music which, after watching, students may use for inspiration and imitation. Students use different props (scarves, flowers, tambourines, etc) to improvise and create their own short dance numbers to fragments of classical music to begin growing their imagination and capacity for creative expression. This activity creates a playful atmosphere for young students to combine learning with fun, while simultaneously working to instigate a sense of rhythm, musicality and association of ballet movements with classical music.

We offer an open class at the end of the year, where parents observe their children’s course progress, class structure, and engage with the instructor. An open class is always a special occasion for our students, parents, and teachers because it is a celebration of our young students’ achievements.


School Term
The program term runs from September to June. Late registration is allowed.
This program is a commitment from your start date until June 25th.

Summer Term
This program term runs from July to August. Summer classes and schedule is the same as the school term.

Please read our school policies before purchasing.


We partner with Danceshoppe Ltd. to provide our dancers with our uniform. A customer sales associate will match you with the appropriate school uniform for your program.

Danceshoppe Ltd.

200-50 Sheppard Av. W
Mon – Sat 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
+1 (416) 225-6862


Pink leotard, pink skirt, white tights, canvas ballet shoes.


White t-shirt, grey leggings, white socks, black leather or canvas ballet shoes.

For uniform prices, please contact our partner store directly.